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Hot Summer Kink @DrSuzy with GasMaskGirl

August 7, 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

We broadcast “GasMaskGirl Summer Kink” live during the very hot summer of 2018, though it’s now hotter than ever. Looking into my crystal ball, I predict everyone will soon be masking up, and now here we are. At the time, I felt we were inhaling the toxic ashes of an incinerating civilization, so we’d all need gasmasks just to breathe. Covid is a little different—germ warfare waged by Mother Nature against us for destroying her—and we’re in facemasks instead of gasmasks—but still it’s a very prescient show! It’s also a very sexy, funny show featuring latex-clad GasMaskGirl’s Coralee Summers, cute “Buddha Ho” pornstar Eva Yi (father from China & mother from Taiwan, showing they can get along!), wry Philly comic Lamar D. Sol,  sensuous sexual healer Shana Lay, hot model Larissa and Bonoboville’s favorite rapper Ikkor the Wolf, plus a surprise visit from award-winning actor Luzer Twersky. It’s quite a varied bunch, but we all get along like bonobos—chatting, stripping, OTK spanking, dancing, foot fetish fun, ice cube play, bondage, boob therapy, latex, Bonoboville Communion, telling funny stories and arguing. Hey, conflict is the spice of life. The key is to resolve conflicts in peace through pleasure. It’s the Bonobo Way. For the most part, sex is “sustainable” pleasure, especially when you compare engaging in sexual activity with other human pleasures, like food, driving, sailing, flying, gaming and just about everything else we do for fun. I’m talking recreational not procreational sex which is actually at the root of a lot of human problems. Too many people. No offense to all the beautiful people and their spoiled kids, but Mother Earth is hemorrhaging from the weight of all the teeming, gas-guzzling, plastic-using humans—more than when we did this show! We also spank our surrogate tRumpy—gagged on the Russian flag!—for his Space Farce, among other things and we cheer AOC for supporting sex workers’ rights, predicting (also correctly) that she will win her seat in Congress. Also on display: a tRump Puppy Pee Pad by the artist Jeffrey Vallance. #GoBonobos

Of course, we have to censor this version for Youtube. Watch it all uncensored and free on DrSuzy-Tv:

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