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F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy BIRTHDAY KiNK

June 17, 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality


Ah birthdays… Everyone’s got (at least) one, and mine lands on the weekend of my return to F.D.R. with this rollicking rainbow live broadcast. It’s also Reunion Season, and “Birthday Kink:  Tales of Sex, Death, Love, War, Pleasure, Pain, Vice TV, DomCon, Yale & More”  is a bit of a reunion for me with YOU, my darling viewer… But first out the gate of Coronapocalyptic hibernation was our Bonoboville Reunion with VICE TV—exciting, erotic, intimate and blessedly Covid-free, as VICE tested guests, but not for colds (!), so one sweet sniffler gave me pneumonia, and a few days later, I had a reunion with my doctors who *cured* me just in time for my next reunion with DomCon where I delivered “Make Kink Not War: Be Bonobo.” Next was a more traditional college reunion at a very traditional college—my alma mater, Mother Yale—where I led a roundtable discussion of “Peace, Bonobos and Sex Week at Yale” and, while staying in the dorms, Max and I pretended to be college sophomores enjoying a few sophomoric, slightly cramped but very deep and rather nostalgic orgasms in our tiny little dormitory single bed.  Ah, the pleasures and pains of boarding school sex! Even seniors can enjoy it… and suffer from it—though that kind of pain is kind of awesome.

Speaking of reunions, this birthday (like all birthdays) is a reunion of me—in the present moment—with the rest of that thing we call life—past and future, hopes and fears, fantasies and reality. There are no name tags or goodie bags for this reunion… just memories (including this year’s equestrian bday at the historic and horsey Derby in Arcadia), dreams fulfilled (and not), and that bittersweet birthday awareness of time passing beyond your control. We also take a few calls, including one from Amor Hilton, birthday messages and appreciation for my Rainbow Pride high heels and custom-made “Doctor Susan” cowgirl hat. I’ve celebrated many birthdays with big bacchanals, but I don’t invite anybody to this one. But Handsome Hollywood Jake (fresh from volunteering to help refugees in and out of Ukraine) and his beautiful girlfriend Rica show up, and once again, we are impressed by Jake’s casual courage and bonoboësque care for helping those in need. We also take a call from Daniel in SF who complains that his comedienne GF is too “mean,” but whenever he tries to break up with her, she gives him such a fantastic blowjob, he can’t bring himself to leave. We also discuss why being called a “pussy” should NOT be an insult, open some cool presents, and Max gets lei’ed the Rainbow Bonobo Way.

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