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F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Sex, Fascism & the Bonobo Way

July 19, 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

We use the “F” word a lot on this ride, though not the fun one. Unfortunately, it’s Fascism on the March (Fascismo in Marcia!) in America. Though the American brand isn’t the same as fascism in Italy (birthplace of fascismo), Germany, Japan or Chile. So some say “it can’t happen here,” but it can, and it IS happening here. With a civilian “army” of racist, misogynist, religious fanatics, corrupt police, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and ammosexual incel mass shooters at the bottom, the power-mad, illegitimate, forced breeding-fetishist Supreme Court Injustices at the top, and unscrupulous politicians in the middle, this new all-American fascism is a growing menace to our society, our sexuality, our democracy and the very future of life on Earth… It’s pretty depressing, and I’m pretty depressed about it. I almost called this show “Sex, Depression & the Bonobo Way,” but “depression” sounds too depressing, and “fascism” sounds sexier. That’s how f’ed up fascism is! All those hot kinky uniforms and lethal phallic weapons look hot. Of course, American fascists aren’t hot. They’re mostly out-of-shape slobs with BBQ stains on their “Let’s go Brandon” shirts. Not even cum stains for these winners…. Yes, they’re bigtime losers, but they lie and cheat, and they plan to lie and cheat some more, so these raging, Christofascist losers—along with their cynical and boundlessly greedy billionaire and corporate sponsors—can walk and poop all over the rest of us…. What to do? How about The Bonobo Way? Unfortunately, with the increasingly hostile corporate (and rather fascist) takeover of all popular social media, our message of bonoboesque peace, love, good sex and socialism usually gets censored or shadow-banned… But we’re trying—for all our sakes! 

Both Capt’n Max and I get pretty fired up on this show (one way to relieve your depression is to release it on your podcast!) and our commenters are also pretty fired up, so we don’t have time for calls. Max and I are both pretty disturbed by current events, but Max manifests his rage as righteous anger, and mine tends to drop precipitously down into depression. We also talk about the Coronapocalypse (it’s baaack!), Israel’s awful apartheid treatment of Palestinians; Elon Musk vs. Errol Musk (who’s worse?); Coup Anon & other tRump trash; the Perma Wars; hot Senior Sex (at least we have that!); Orgasms (they can relieve depression… temporarily!); and how important it is to get out and PROTEST the Supreme Wrongs of these illegitimate Injustices. At first, I apologize for not going out to protest, but then recall that I was just recently protesting on the front lines of the Anti-Supreme Court demonstration at Yale, focusing much of our collegial wrath on infamous Yale alumnus Brett Kavanaugh, one of the two men (the other being Clarence Thomas) credibly accused of sexual abuse during their confirmation hearings that are now sexually abusing the entire country.

It's all very disturbing… but we cheer up by gazing at the galaxies (courtesy of the Webb Telescope!) as well as our amazing show and the beautiful photos streaming throughout the live podcast from our erotic exotic orgiastic fantastic Bonoboville Reunion, Class of 2022 (which is too hot for Youtube, but you can see it all here: with Vice TV, in the Womb Room sanctuary of the little Love Church of The Bonobo Way.  Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners, the best antidote to this creeping—and very creepy—neofascism in America is to #GoBonobos, to follow The Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure, ecosexuality, female empowerment, male well-being, great consensual sex and sharing everything… because everything and everyone is connected, and nothing is really just “ours” and ours alone.

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