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F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): 29th Wedding Anniversary

April 14, 2021

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

If your orgasms are real and your diamonds are fake, your marriage will be great! That’s just one of the love life lessons of Capt’n Max’s and My 29th Wedding Anniversary show. All Aboard the F.D.R. Love Train, celebrating 29 years of lawfully married love, lust, trust, romance, revolution, hot sex, antiwar, ethical hedonism and the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure, as we honor the kinkiest kind of human bondage there is: marriage.

We take it slow, savoring the scenery and good vibrations, as we reminisce and interact with “Happy Anniversary!” well-wishers on our various live platforms. “Most Bonobo Couple” SUZY award-winners Danièle Watts and Rawkstar Chef Be*Live call in from a parked car (while sexting us naked selfies!) for a “synchro-mystical” conversation on married sex; grooming among humans and other mammals (sadly, the word is now getting a bad rap due to its current usage as a term for beginning sexual abuse); their first time on The Dr. Susan Block Show at our wild orgiastic 24th Wedding Anniversary Bacchanal; their friend, Freckle, “making” Danièle read Being a Woman (the book I co-authored with the late Dr. Toni Grant); roleplaying a French maid in Django Unchained and rejecting foot fetishizing filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s invitation to make out; the erotic mysteries of faux cannibalism (#EattheRich!), though Armie Hammer would taste more like baking soda than wedding cake.

It being our anniversary, I dress up in patterned fishnet stockings in solidarity with Dr. Jill Biden—whom the Rightwing ridiculously tried to slut-shame for her hosiery.

This is a 90% fun show, but we take on a few seriously harrowing subjects from raging ammosexual cuckolds to handling sexual assault. As always, we inject humor into the harrowing parts, so if you’re overly sensitive, go listen to Joe Rogaine. The only time we don’t joke is when we talk (briefly) about the Derek Chauvin trial: That onlooker saying, “You’re enjoying that!” just underlines George Floyd’s murder as an obvious case of sadistic policing. Will the verdict reflect the obvious? We’ll see…

Besides our marvelous marriage, we recall our pre-marital days, from Max’s gallery of European cougars to what I call “My Swinging Life,” soon to be a docu-series, like My 600-lb Life—but with eating pussy instead of pizza. Oh, here we go back to faux cannibalism again.

Sex scandal is all the rage, but consensual sexual expression is vital to our “mental health.” Everyone from Prince Harry to Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to improve our “mental health” these days, but how many are directly addressing the kinky parts of our well-being? That’s what we try to do on this show, and that’s what we’ve tried to do in our marriage for the past 29 years. So, relax, turn the lights down low to a nice wedding night glow and listen to this sapiosexual show…

Want more? Read the journal and watch that wild 24th Wedding Anniversary Bacchanal we can't show on Youtube: https://drsusanblock .com/29th-wedding-anniversary.

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