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DomCon Bound on DrSuzy.Tv @DrSuzy

May 15, 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

We're BOUND for DomCon 2022, where I will deliver “Make Kink Not War: Be BONOBO” and hobnob with the world’s finest FemDoms at the Met Gala of Latex and the Comic Con of Kink... so let’s get in the mood with ‘DomCon Bound” (2018). This amazing spank-tastic splosh-irific throwback features DomCon and Sanctuary royalty, including Mistress Cyan, Goddess Phoenix, Lady Remedy Ann and Madame Rose plus adult film star Alix Lovell and the beautiful artistic family of Daniele Watts, Chef Belive & Zivu + Bday Boy Jux Lii & Ikkor the Wolf! Plus impact play orgasms, electric flogging, snaketail-whipping, five pairs of boots, four kinds of spanking, three types of twerking, butt bongo and a big naked birthday cake splosh. Also, anti-tRump talk and kink - all kinds of kink. Make Kink Not War!

This version is audio-only (otherwise Youtube would censor us and shut us down!), but you can watch it uncensored and free on DrSuzy-Tv:

Need to Talk PRIVATELY? Call the kink-positive Therapists Without Borders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute anytime: 213.291.9497. We’re here for YOU.

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