The Dr Susan Block Show

Bedside Chat 18: Vegas Goddesses & the Naked Athena

July 31, 2020

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

I open this Bedside Chat (#18 in the Coronapocalypse, if you're keeping track) with an homage to Naked Athena, bonoboesque goddess of the Battle of Portland, then move on to an appreciation of Mary L. Trump shedding light on her dreadful Uncle Donald in “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Next up are two living goddesses from the land of Las Vegas. First is a fascinating and rather funny chat about kink, dong gongs, good-natured ball-busting, why child-free women make great Dommy Mommies and the adult baby diaper fetish with adorable, witty Vegas FemDom Miss Mae Ling. Last but definitely not least, Bianca Burke, sweet and sexy stripper and porn star (Brazzers, CherryPimps, Disciples of Desire, Naughty America), zooms in from an undisclosed hotel room, also in Vegas, to chat about porn, COVID testing, Catholicism, big dongs (without gongs), bare feet, Jax Slayher, authenticity, fairness in the adult industry and Black Lives Matter. My Bedside Chats of the Coronapocalypse are inspired by FDR’s Fireside Chats. Unfortunately, we have to censor the “sexy parts” of these shows for YouTube, but you can see it all uncensored and free and read the sapiosexual show journal here: https://drsusanblock .com/naked-athena

Need to talk privately about your dong (with or without the gong), kinks, porn obsession(s), adult baby diaper fetish, relationship with your uncle, Post-Trump Sex Disorder, BLM feelings or anything else you can’t talk about with anyone else? You can talk with us. Call the Therapists Without Borders at the Dr. Susan Block Institute anytime: 213-291-9497. We're here for you.

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